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I have personally observed that all households, children, and orphans that are trapped in poverty, lose their sense of belonging in a seemingly vibrant and careless society. With little or no family values, they hang-on to a coping strategy of scrounging for the day, as if tomorrow never is.
The resilience of the destitute to scale and overcome the ravages of poverty is awesome. They are forced to stoop so low to survive in the poverty trap. In malnourishment, they barely endure the lashes of weather, disease, and human abuse. Some resign from life with fatal consequences to society.
Human society has the highest tendency to neglect its own weaklings at times of plenty, shortages, and calamity. Unless we establish credible sanctuaries for the destitute, they will be trampled and left for dead; yet some will survive to become our own undoing.
To neglect the plight of the destitute only portrays moral and spiritual decay in society. Our passion must actualize into action to uplift the destitute. The United Millennium Development goals and Kenya’s vision 2030 are progressive blueprints for Kenya’s universal socio-economic development. There are global human rights too, that safeguard human living conditions. But to be trapped in poverty and hopelessness is the antithesis of these noble guidelines.
BRC exalts the voice of reason for human dignity, integrity, and civilization. Our vision and mission is to uplift the destitute orphans, children, and households from the pangs of poverty.
Welcome to a caring home of the destitute.