The Blessed Recreation Centre (BRC) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) that is officially registered in Trans-Nzoia County, by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, of the Republic of Kenya.
The Founders of BRC are Ms. Betty Wandabwa and Hilton Kirungu. Hilton has vast experience in Management and sustainable community development. Betty has mostly worked in administrative circles, focusing on ICT. “In the course of our work, and grassroots community interaction, we see poverty – abject poverty – as the antithesis of socio-economic development in our location”.

There are whole households, even communities caught in poverty; but the majority of the destitute are children, women and orphans. In December 2012, we made a resolution to take a more proactive role of our own vision. In January 2013 we profiled and selected 10 severely destitute children as the entry point for our mission. In March 2013 BRC was officially registered as a CBO. Using our own meager resources and time, we offer relief, counseling and some mental/computer recreation to these children.
The Blessed Recreation Centre is founded on an observation that human society has a propensity to neglect its own weaklings, at times of plenty and shortages. The resilience of the destitute to scale and overcome the ravages of poverty is awesome. They are forced to stoop so low to survive in the poverty trap. Until credible effort is actualized into intervention for the destitute, their suffering masks any gain in mainstream society.
The United Nations Millenium Development goals, Kenya’s vision 2030, and the new constitution are all progressive blueprints for Kenya’s Universal socio-economic development. There are global human rights too, that safeguard human living conditions. But to be tapped in poverty and hopelessness is the antithesis of these noble guidelines. Destitute orphans, children, and households can’t be industrious, productive, and truly empowered without support and uplifting.