BRC caters for the apparent need for intervention in the plight of destitute households, children, and orphans. The Centre will regularly identity, profile, and select deserving households, children, and orphans to become beneficiaries/participants of our interventions. These participants will be uplifted from destitution (in poverty) into descent livelihoods through relief, sheltering, food security, education, primary healthcare, and income generation among others.

BRC will act as a rehab and salient academy of graduation from poverty to entrepreneurship for the destitute households, children, and orphans. The Centre will vest emphasis in objective recreation towards talent, skills, and entrepreneurial development. With an exploratory approach, participants will be challenged and guided to discover and recreate their values and potentials in life. They will be encouraged and supported to identify and pursue education, livelihoods, business, and leadership opportunities. They will be rehabilitated into mainstream society.

BRC is informed by universal values, principles, and human rights to life. BRC exalts the voice of reason for human dignity, integrity and civilization. The Centre will strive to engage and collaborate with the poor, rich, rural, and urban alike. Our mission is about accomplishing healthy partnerships, even fellowships, amongst all stakeholders of poverty eradication. We will honor and nurture that which serves to strengthen our mission.

Truth, honesty, and simplicity are the mainstay of our work. Efficiency and sustainability are strategic pillars of our mission. Competence is our guiding principle whose framework includes: accountability, transparency, confidentiality, and timeliness.

Descent livelihoods and social welfare seal our passion. We will ensure physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. To uplift destitute households, children and orphans from poverty and hopelessness to enterprising and thriving livelihood is our pride.

As the environment is our God given shrine to reform and perfect our acts, we will nurture and protect its treasure.