BRC was officially registered as s charitable Community Based Organization (CBO) in March 2013.
• BRC is a charitable organization
• BRC has not yet broken into the donor/grantor/sponsor click
• BRC, so far, exists on the meager earning of Betty and Hilton
• BRC is obliged and determined to find support, so as to reach the threshold of sustainable implementation and development.
Because of meager funds and resources BRC is extremely limited (against a huge volume of destitute) to serve select participants (children) in the following startup activity.
Relief            Open                    Distribution ⁄ provision of food, clothes, shoes, sanitation etc.

Shelter            10                        Accommodation ⁄ adoption into family.

Feeding          25                       Food kitchen provides lunch for destitute (school) children.

Schooling         5                        Provide statutory fees, uniform, books, and other material requirements in school.


       • BRC is obliged and determined to find well- wishers and support (donors, sponsors and grantors) for startup activity.
       • BRC factors enabling elements for capacity building and activity growth.
       • BRC develops an efficient, transparent, and accountable management structure to uphold its vision, mission and values.
       • BRC initiates measures to sustain activities, structures, and organizational operations.
       • BRC targets (among others) to directly benefit and influence 250 destitute children in the startup activity.
       • BRC identifies and harnesses local opportunities to strengthen and expand the mission.
       • BRC institutes a credible monitoring and evaluation system for deliberate and objective appraisals.
       • BRC reviews and appraises all its short-term strategies, mechanisms, operations, and outcomes towards a long-term strategy.
       • BRC identifies and nurtures appropriate partnerships towards activity, structural, financial, and organizational development.
       • BRC initiates revenue generation measures to sustain overhead and recurrent costs.
       • BRC pursues expansion decisions (e.g. land and construction) to offset rental and other recurrent costs.
       • BRC targets (among others) to directly benefit and influence 500 destitute children and 100 destitute households.
       • BRC reviews and appraises all the short and mid-term strategies, mechanisms, operations, and outcomes.
       • BRC establishes a catalog of active and potential partners to expand and sustain the mission.
       • BRC institutes appropriate investments and innovations to expand and sustain the mission.
       • BRC targets (among others) to directly benefit and influence 1,500 destitute children and 500 households.
       • BRC will catalog, organize, and facilitate beneficiaries to become active members, enabled donors, sponsors, and partners of the mission.
BRC will strive to institute self-sustainable fundraising strategies, for the long-term, including:
       • Cultivating lasting and mutually beneficial grantor, donor, and sponsorship relations.
       • Developing enterprising and revenue generating activities.
       • Instituting innovative, investment, and service oriented management practices.
       • Tapping membership and contributions from the pool of uplifted, enabled, and affluent beneficiaries.
* We appeal for your support and partnership to uplift the destitute, expand and sustain our mission .